Soko Heli Toolbox mobile applicationSoko Heli Toolbox

The free Soko Heli Toolbox application is the newest innovation of Soko Heli Tools. We are the first in the world to utilize our mobile devices to take the setup experience of our RC helicopters to a level not seen before.


The free version of the app isn't just an easy and fast state-of-the-art replacement of the PDF manual. It also does the calculation for you and leads you through the right path to a perfect setup.


It is available for all your Apple devices with iOS version 7.1 or higher and all your Android devices with Android version 3.0 or higher.

 Soko Heli Toolbox for iOSSoko Heli Toolbox for Android

 Soko Heli Toolbox for iOS

But we won't stop here!

In future we will add many more features to Soko Heli Toolbox to improve the user-error resistance during the setup process in addition to other useful stuff.


So click the badges above to go the Soko Heli Toolbox's store site for current feature information, reviews and to install it on your device.


Virtual Main Shaft feature




The jewel you've all been waiting for is the Virtual Main Shaft (VMS) feature! It gets rid of the vertical alignment of the main shaft and the need of any physical levelling table by calculating the tilt of your main shaft in 3D space. With such a virtual 3D model of your heli's orientation, Soko Heli Toolbox is able to perfectly setup your head geometry.
For example if you want to setup 12° of collective pitch the app tells you to go to 15.2° on the Soko Gauge due to the tilt your heli. So despite you read an angle of 15.2° the angle in relation to the rotor main shaft in 3D space is 12° - and that's what we all are after!


In addition Soko Heli Toolbox calculates the plausibility of the values you input. So if you make a mistake the app will tell you that the numbers don't add up and advice to do the measurement again. Error resistance at its best! 


So don't setup like they did in the last millennium. The future of RC helicopter setup is already here! Don't live in the past and soko your heli.


Some screenshots of Soko Heli Toolbox


Soko Heli Toolbox screenshots